Aquascape Large Pondless Waterfall Kits w/ 26' Stream

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The Aquascape Large Pondless Waterfall Kits are the largest pre-packaged pondless waterfall kits. This kit includes all of the equipment you need to build a large-scale pondless waterfall and stream. This kit is available with two different pump model choices: AquasurgePRO 4000-8000 Pump or Tsurumi 5PL Pump and is perfect for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional contractor.

What is a Pondless Waterfall?

In a pondless waterfall system, rather than having an open pool of water that your waterfall or stream runs into, there is a rock bed with a water basin below that collects the water for it to be pumped back up to the top of your waterfall. This is a great solution if you enjoy the look and sound of a waterfall but don't want the the extra maintenance that accompanies a pond.  The Aquascape Large Pondless Waterfall Kit w/26ft Stream  provides all of the necessary equipment to build a large scale professional quality water feature. 

Kit Includes:

Liner Fish safe, 45 EPDM Liner ; 12' x 15' liner for reservoir; 10' x 30' liner for stream
Underlayment Geotextile fabric protects liner from sharp objects; 12' x 15' for reservoir
Pondless Waterfall Vault & Extension Allows you to store more water and create a longer stream and waterfall run. This is also the housing unit for your pump.
Waterfall Spillway Compact, yet durable, spillway that is positioned at the starting point of the waterfall. Creates a smoothand even flow of water through the front of the spillway.
Pumps Choose between the AquaSurgePRO 4000-8000 OR Tsurumi 5PL Pumps
Pipe Flexible PVC pipe is flexible yet durable. Can be buried and hidden.
Pump Check Valve Protects your pump from water back-flowing and ruining your pump in the case of a power outage
LED Lighting Package