Aquascape IonGen G2 Water Clarifier

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  • Can be used with fish and plants
  • Energy efficient - Less than $1 per month in electricity cost
  • Treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons
  • Reduces string algae

Aquascape IonGen G2 Electronic Pond Clarifier is an electronic water treatment system designed for ponds and water features. The IonGen improves water quality and drastically reduces maintenance by decreasing the amount of debris that normally attaches to rocks and gravel throughout your pond, waterfall, and stream. The best part is that it is not a chemical and is very easy for you to install.

IonGen Features

a) Weatherproof Control Panel

IonGen Features

b) Easy-to-read digital display

c) Indicator notifies you when the probe needs to be replaced

d) Adjustable ionization level

e) Durable quick-connect electrical connections - cable to transformer (12' long) and probe (15' long)

f) Tool-free probe installation 

g) Angled probe helps deflect debrisand reduce clogging

h) 2" threaded inlet and outlet

IonGen Placement Diagram

IonGen Setup Diagram

Includes: Electronic control panel, outdoor-rated transformer, flow chamber, probe, fittings, copper test kit, and owner's Manual.

Probes typically last 1-3 seasons, depending on the ionization level it is operated at, size of your pond, and the water parameters of your water feature.