Aquascape 150-Watt Transformer with Photocell

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  • Durable epoxy sealed housing
  • Photocell automatically turns lights on at dusk
  • Optional 4, 6, or 8 hour intervals
  • Use 3-way splitter or 6-way splitter to connect to multiple lights
  • 3ft Power cord & 25ft extension cord

Aquascape Transformers with PhotoCells are low-voltage, safe transformers suitable for Aquascape lighting systems. The weather proof transformer allows you to set up to 150 Watts of lights indoor and outdoor, and control them all in one place. With the Photocell built into the transformer, your lights will turn on at dusk, then you have the option to set a timer to turn them off after 4, 6, or 8 hours. This Aquascape Transformer allows your to expand your pond light system to as many lights as you need (up to 150W) and easily control them with one location for you to enjoy your pond during the day and night.

View 150 Watt Transformer Instruction Manual

How to Choose the Right Transformer

  1. Add up the wattage of all of the lights that will be attached to one transformer. (ie. 3 x 6-Watt LED Lights + 4 x 1-Watt Bullet Spotlights = 22 Watts)
  2. Select a transformer that is rated to handle the wattage requirements for your light.

It is recommended to leave yourself extra wattage capacity in case you wish to add more lights in the future

Pond Lighting System Diagram

Aquascape LED Spotlight Diagram

Diagram Letter Product Name
a Transformer
b Photocell
c Splitter
d Extension Cord
Additional Spotlights Available
  • 1-Watt 12 Volt LED Waterfall Light
  • 1-Watt 12 Volt LED Spotlight
  • 3-Watt 12 Volt LED Spotlight
  • 6-Watt 12 Volt LED Spotlight