AquaClear Carbon

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  • Designed to be used in AquaClear Power Filters
  • Provides superior absorbtion which eliminates odours, discolouration, and impurities
  • For freshwater and saltwater use
  • Do not use in heavily planted tanks
  • 3 Media bags per pack (*Single media bag in 110 pack)

AquaClear Activated Carbon eliminates odours, discolouration, and impurities in your aquarium water. These media packs are designed for AquaClear Power Filters.


  • Remove protective plastic bag.
  • Rinse carbon thoroughly before use.
  • Place carbon in the middle section of the insert basket

Carbon Sizes

20 - Fits AquaClear 20. Contains 3 x 45 g pre-packed media bags
30 - Fits AquaClear 30. Contains 3 x 55 g pre-packed media bags
50 - Fits AquaClear 50. Contains 3 x 70 g pre-packed media bags
70 - Fits AquaClear 70. Contains 3 x 140 g pre-packed media bags
110 - Fits AquaClear 110. Contains 1 x 260 g pre-packed media bags

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