AquaClear BioMax

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  • Increases biological filtration efficiency by 30% 
  • Expands biological capacity of aquariums
  • Improving natural ammonia and nitrite reduction
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater use

AquaClear Bio-Max Filter Inserts increase filtration efficiency by providing optimal living conditions for beneficial bacteria. 


  • Rinse BioMax thoroughly before use.
  • Place BioMax at the top of the filter basket.
  • Replace 1/2 of the BioMax every 6 months. Never change all of the BioMax at once, since this will deminish the amount of beneficial bacteria in your filter.

BioMax Options

20 - Fits AquaClear 20. Contains 60g.
30 - Fits AquaClear 30. Contains 65g.
50 - Fits AquaClear 50. Contains 125g.
70 - Fits AquaClear 70. Contains 195g.
110 - Fits AquaClear 110. Contains 390g.