API Pond Care Melafix Antibacterial Remedy

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  • Treats variety of diseases such as Open Red Sores, Fin & Tail Rot, Open Body Wounds, Eye Cloud, Pop Eye, Body Slime and Mouth Fungus
  • Beneficial to use when adding new fish to reduce risk of outbreak
  • Repairs damaged fins, ulcers, and open wounds
  • Safe for aquatic fish and invertebrates 
  • Made of tea tree extracts (Melaleuca)
  • Available in 2 sizes: 16 fl oz & 64 fl oz

API Melafix is an all-natural medication that treats bacterial infections and promotes regrowth of damaged tissue.

API PondCare Melafix Specifications:

  16 fl oz / 473 mL 64 fl oz / 1.9 L
Total Treatment Gallons: 4,800 US Gallons  19,000 US Gallons
Remedies: Bacterial infections, ulcers, open wounds, fin and tail rot, & damaged fins 
Item #: AP176B AP176C 
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)  


Instructions for Use:

For Recent Wounds, Fin Damage, or Infections:  1 tsp. (5 mL) for every 50 gallons
1/4 cup (60 mL) for every 600 gallons
For Advanced or Chronic Infection:  2 tsp. (10 mL) for every 50 gallons
1/4 cup (60 mL) for every 600 gallons
For Adding New Fish or Handling Fish: 1 tsp. (5 mL) for every 50 gallons for 3 days


Before Using: Shake well. Remove activated carbon and turn off UV and ozone-producing units during treatment period. 

Note: Foaming may occur during the treatment. When exposed to elevated temperatures, this product may turn cloudy in the bottle; this does not affect the activity of the product.

Attention: Keep out of the reach of children. For garden pond use only. Not for human consumption or for fish intended for human consumption.


Active Ingredients:
Melaleuca (Tea Tree Extract) CAS# 8008-98-8 5.0%
Inert Ingredients:
Inert Ingredients 95.0%