API Fungus Cure - Powder

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  • Treats variety fungal diseases such as Fungus, Mouth Fungus, Body Slime and Eye cloud, and Fin and Tail Rot.
  • Compatible for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums
  • Includes 10 powder packets
  • May cause slight discolouration to water.

API Fungus Cure - Powder is an anti-fungal medication that treats a variety of fungus and secondary bacterial infections.


  • Fungus - White, "cottony" tufts or patches appear on the mouth, skin and fins. Fungus often starts with isolated pale or white patches on skin. Left untreated, fungal infections spread rapidly across whole body.
  • Mouth Fungus - Common bacterial infection that affects the mouth and other soft tissue. Fungus-like in appearance with red periphery. If left untreated, severe erosion and lesions will develop.
  • Body Slime & Eye Cloud - Eyes develop a white haze and/or protrude from the head. Slimy patches appear on the body.  Fish may scratch on objects and exhibit rapid breathing. Infection may cause abnormal osmotic function resulting in fluid accumulation to the eyes and/or body.
  • Fin & Tail Rot - Fins appear ragged and split. In severe cases, fins and tail are almost completely eroded. Secondary fungal infections, observed as white, "cottony" growth, commonly occur. 

Active Ingredients: 3 mg Victoria Green B and 30 mg Acriflavine