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Angel Pet Supplies FAQ

What are Angel Pet Supplies?

Angel Pet Supplies is a pet product manufacturer headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Every design is completely hand-made from high-quality raw materials.

Are Angel Pet Supplies hand-made?

Yes, all of the products offered by Angel Pet Supplies are hand-made by skilled craftspersons. Every product undergoes at least four quality checks before they are ready to go to consumers.

Are Angel Pet Supplies durable?

Yes! All of Angel Pet Supplies are made from the highest quality materials with genuine brass or stainless steel hardware.

Are collars made by Angel Pet Supplies suitable for swimming?

All of the products are made from genuine leather so should not be used for swimming. They can get wet and will hold up but for swimming you should always remove the dog's collar.

Are Angel Pet Supplies’ products safe?

Only non-toxic dyes are used in the creation of all of the leather leashes and collars at Angel Pet Supplies. The vegetable dye is non-toxic and the leather undergoes only natural tanning processes.

Do Angel Pet Supplies’ collars irritate the skin of pets?

The collars in the Angel Pet Supplies collection all feature soft padded leather on the bottom side to help prevent irritation. The softness helps prevent chafing. The padding also absorbs stress.

Shop Angel Pet Supplies in Canada

Angel Pet Supplies is a Toronto-based manufacturing and wholesale company known for its top-notch leather dog and cat accessories. Since their founding in 2006, they have been using 100% genuine, quality cowhide to create collars and leashes to suit dogs and cats of all sizes and style preferences.

Whether they be solid bold colours, flashy rhinestones, or tough-looking spikes, make sure your pet stands out with superior quality Angel leather accessories offered by Homes Alive.