AFP Little Buddy Large Puppyfier

by All For Paws
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  • Soft rubber chew toy for puppies
  • Can be thrown, tugged on and chewed
  • Built-in squeaker - loud squeaker
  • Ideal for gentle to moderate chewers and for teething
  • Suitable for medium and large sized puppies

AFP Little Buddy Large Puppyfier is a soft rubber pacifier designed to aid your puppy during teething and as an introduction to rubber and chew toys. The loud built-in squeaker will grab your puppies attention, and the soft rubber is ideal to be thrown to teach your puppy about fetch, tugged on to learn how to play tug or war and help deter your puppy from chewing on items such as shoes or cords. 

The large Puppfier is suitable for medium and large sized puppies and is ideal for puppies who are gentle and moderate chewers - this toy measures at 13x7.7x6.1 cm (5x3x2.4")

Please supervise your puppy with this toy at all times, if any damages to the product start to appear, please remove the toy immediately.  

Wash product gently with a damp towel.