Acana Dog Treats

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ACANA Dog Treats

Acana not only delivers nutritious dry kibble for dogs and cat food formulas that you can feel good about feeding your four-legged family members, they also make a line of dog treats! Based on the same values and philosophy to deliver biologically appropriate, whole prey recipes, Acana offers gently freeze-dried treats in a variety of flavours that your dogs will love.

Homes Alive Pets is proud to carry fellow Canadian brand Acana’s wholesome pet foods and irresistible dog treats. You can find Acana’s Singles line of dog treats made with a combination of a single animal meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, including grass-fed lamb and juicy red apples, Yorkshire pork and butternut squash, or free-run duck and crunchy pears. Each of these recipes will satisfy your dog’s craving for a soft and chewy treat that is pure protein and loaded with health benefits.

Acana’s dog treats make for the perfect reward for your dog or a wonderful way to show them your love! They’re suitable for all life stages, so you can feed them to your puppy, adult or senior doggo. With Acana’s nourishing and responsibly sourced recipes, your pets will be happy, healthy and thriving!