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    Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet - Lamb with Apple Recipe
    Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Diet - Lamb with Apple Recipe
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Acana Pet Food FAQ

Is Acana Made in Canada?

Yes! All Acana Pet Food formulas sold in Canada are made in Champion Petfoods' Northstar Kitchen in Alberta, Canada.

Is Acana the same as Orijen?

Though both foods are made by Champion Petfoods, Acana and Orijen are different foods. Acana offers a larger variety of formulas for allergies, breed size, and activity level. Orijen Pet Foods are higher in protein and contain a higher percentage of fresh meat

What are the ingredients in Acana pet food?

Acana pet food contains a variety of high-quality, natural ingredients that appeal to pets. The recipes include meats like chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb, as well as fruits, vegetables, and botanicals.

Is Acana pet food grain-free?

Many of Acana's pet food recipes are grain-free, which means they do not contain corn, wheat, or soy. They offer grain-free and grain inclusive pet food recipes.

Is Acana pet food safe?

Acana pet food is considered safe for pets. The company has implemented rigorous quality control standards. They source all of the food from trusted suppliers.

Did Acana face a lawsuit?

In 2018, Champion Petfoods, the company that produces Acana dog food, faced a lawsuit that alleged the company's pet food contained heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants that were harmful to pets. In 2020, the lawsuit was dismissed by a judge in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Shop ACANA Pet Foods in Canada

Acana is an award-winning pet food brand in Canada dedicated to providing high-quality, natural, and biologically appropriate dog and cat food. Acana uses fresh, regionally sourced ingredients to craft premium and nutritious dry food, wet food, freeze-dried diets, and treats for dogs and cats.

Acana offers grain-free and whole-grain dog and cat food, freeze-dried dog food, and wet food for cats and dogs. Our full selection of Acana Pet Foods includes popular formulas, like Acana Pacifica, Acana Lamb & Apple, and Acana Kitten Food.

Acana is one of two trusted brands from award-winning pet food company, Champion Pet Foods. Started in the late 1970s on a small feed mill in Alberta, Acana’s kitchen-crafted recipes for both dogs and cats have developed into a popular choice amongst pet lovers not only in Canada but across the globe. The Acana’s brand is dedicated to creating wholesome pet foods that resemble the diets that nature and evolution intended for our pets, and providing high-quality ingredients that are regionally sourced and delivered fresh and raw.

The creators of Acana pet foods are passionate about using ingredients from Canada’s vast and fertile lands to develop protein-rich, high-quality dry kibbles for dogs and nutritious cat formulas. Pet lovers can trust that each and every recipe from Acana’s multiple lines are made with fruits, vegetables and animal proteins that are free of preservatives, never frozen and even fit for human consumption!

It’s our pleasure here at Homes Alive Pets to carry a fellow Canadian brand – Acana! Dog parents can choose from four different lines of their biologically appropriate dog foods, which include Heritage, Regional, Classics and Singles, as well as a range of meats and flavours your pooch will drool over, such as grass-fed lamb, prairie poultry, wild-caught fish, free-run duck, and Yorkshire pork. These lines also include foods based on life stage and size.

Another unique quality about Acana pet foods is that they use low-glycemic oats as the only grain ingredient from one trusted source in Northern Alberta. This means no poor-quality grains, no wheat and no fillers that can be harmful to your pet’s health!

Acana’s dry foods for cats stick to the same values providing biologically appropriate diets fit for a feline. Each formula is prepared with delicious blends of fresh ingredients and diverse protein sources, such as freshwater and saltwater fish, and free-run poultry. They are also free from unnecessary grains and additives to help your cat thrive.

In addition to Acana’s dog and cat diets, Homes Alive carries a variety of Acana Bone Broth Infused Freeze Dried Dog Food! Gently freeze-dried and made with only the highest quality ingredients, these Bone Broth Infused formulas can be fed as a complete and balanced dog food diet, used as a meal topper, or even used for treats.

Acana is a brand that you can trust. From their Canadian kitchen to yours, even the pickiest pets will love these nutritious and delicious recipes!