11 Quotes for the Love of Dog (or Cat)

The love of a dog or a cat is unlike any other. Let's celebrate the love of our four-legged, furry friends: our beloved pets. Here are some quotes that'll remind you of that unique love again and again.

1. Home Is Where Your Cat Is

Jean Cocteau cat quote

2. Doggy Paradise 

Milan Kundera dog quote

 3. A Cat Offering

William S. Burroughs cat quote

 4. Just Enough

Agnes Repplier cat quote

 5. That's Dog Love

Anatole France dog quote

 6. Can't Buy a Dog's Love

Kinky Friedman dog quote

 7. The Nature of Dogs

Charles de Gaulle dog quote

 8. A Dog's Selfless Love

Josh Billings dog quote

 9. Love Without Penalties

W. L. George cat quote

 10. Difficult Standards

Alfred A. Montapert Dog Quote

 11. Expressions of a Cat's Love

James Herriot cat quote

Which quote rings true for you?