8 Inspiring Pondless Waterfall Ideas

Not everyone has the space for a pond in their back or front yard. Also, standard ponds can be a hazard for children and a temptation for pets. And many people hesitate at the maintenance involved in cleaning a pond - especialy in heavily treed or windy locales.

Enter the pondless waterfall feature. Pondless waterfalls are a clever way for virtually anyone  to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of water in their space. Pondless waterfall features can fit almost anywhere - on a deck or balcony and even inside!

Check out some of our favourite pondless feature ideas and be inspired:

1. The Rocky Waterfall

Nothing creates a tranquil mood to beat the stress of the day quite like the sound of a waterfall. We love this compact version because it's mess-free and makes a vertical statement.

Rocky Pond Waterfall

Credit: http://www.landscapinggallery.info

2. The Wall-terfall

This dream pondless waterfall seems to emerge right from this stone wall. What a beautiful way to incorporate your landscaping features in your water feature. 

The Wall Pondless Waterfall

Credit: http://www.kleinslandscaping.com

3. The Stone Waterfall

This waterfall winds around a gentle curve. That stone-bed is just gorgeous - can't you just hear the water bubbling over it?

Long Pondless Watefall

Credit: http://www.tropicalwatergardens.com

4. The Disappearing Drop Watefall

This drop-off waterfall seems to disappear into the rocks below. What a stunning view!

Drop Pondless Waterfall

Credit: http://www.tropicalwatergardens.com


5. The Garden Waterfall

This foamy yard waterfall is clearly the highlight of this daffodil garden. See how well this waterfall complements the natural flowerscape.

Water Garden Pondless WaterfallCredit: http://www.jacksturf.com

6. The Micro-Pond Waterfall

This waterfall feature includes a mini pond. A perfect little pool that is still very low on maintenance.

Mini Pond WaterfallCredit: http://kbtwaterfalls.blogspot.com

7. The Indoor Waterfall

Who says a waterfall has to be outside? If you are short on outdoor space, or would simply like to bring the stress-relieving benefits of a water feature indoors, an indoor waterfall could be for you. This beauty makes a stunning focal point to a living space.

indoor waterfallCredit: http://www.aquaeden.com

8. The Compact Waterfall

Bigger isn't always better. Pondless Waterfalls make eye-catching features for people who have little space to spare. This striking feature is small enough to be installed almost anywhere.

Compact Pondless Waterfall

Credit: http://www.houzz.com

Make a Pondless Waterfall Happen in YOUR Space

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