5 Good Reasons to Get a Dog

Dogs enrich lives, there’s no doubt about it. They provide numerous health benefits, are always good for a laugh, and dogs are always there when we need them. While there are good reasons not to get a dog, there are also plenty of benefits that dogs give families. But in order to know if a dog is right for you, you need to know the roles that every dog longs to fill in your life.

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Get a Dog:

1. Company

If there is one thing that dogs provide for the families that choose them, it’s company. If you are looking for a companion, someone who would love to spend the entire day and night with you, look no further than a dog. Dogs are trusted friends, confidantes, and bosom buddies. A dog doesn’t abandon you and is always eager to be right by your side, expecting nothing else in return.

Your dog will want to spend a considerable, even stifling amount of time with you. If you are looking for constant company and companionship, a dog is right for you.

2. Playmate

Dogs love to play. Whether it’s fetch in the park, a walk around the block, or a rousing game of tug-of-war, most dogs are always ready for some fun. Repeated, monotonous fun. Your dog may never get bored of the same simple game.

You will likely tire of the activity, game, or walk long before your dog does. But if you are willing to give to see that joyful bound for the stick you threw, again and again, then a dog is right for you.

Dog Ready to Play

3. Dependant

Dogs are dependent upon their humans for everything. Food, hygiene, health care, time, and affection are all needs that you will need to supply to your dog. Social creatures, dogs require plenty of attention and quality time. Now, that quality time can mean hours cuddling on the couch watching TV, but it will also mean time spent going on walks, brushing and bathing, and training, among other things. The more time that you put into your dog, the more you will benefit from the relationship, and the happier your dog will be.

To thrive, dogs need plenty of loving and preventative care. If you are able to put in the daily time your dog requires, then a dog is right for you.

4. Helper

Most dogs make excellent work buddies. Dogs were originally sought as helpers for their human counterparts – it’s a reason they were one of the first domesticated animals. Many dog breeds have been bred to perform certain tasks: there are herding dogs, vermin-hunting dogs, hunting dogs, sporting dogs, sled dogs, therapy dogs, and more. While these dogs can be companion animals as well, they have specific traits that need to be taken into consideration.

So if you’ve always had your eye on a Border collie or perhaps a Weimaraner, you should first look into breed specifics. Most working dogs are high energy and can require more daily stimulation than your average companion dog. But if you are looking for a helper, some kind of working dog could be right for you.

Hunting Dog in Field

5. Subject of Admiration

True love knows no bounds. While you should always make sure that your living conditions, economic situation, and lifestyle are appropriate for a dog, if you love dogs – get one! Dogs require stability, activity, and proper care, but ultimately, dogs require love.

If you are a dog lover at heart, and you are able to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure your dog enjoys a good quality of life, a dog is most definitely right for you. When it comes down to it, dogs ask very little of us. But before you embark on your canine journey, make sure that you are prepared to let your dog be who he wants to be: a companion, playmate, dependant, helper, and the subject of your affections. If you cannot let your dog be a dog, you must ask yourself: is a dog really for me?