10 Problems People with Big Dogs Get

I recently adopted a 3 year old great dane, Charlie. We enjoy all of his quirks and goofy habits, but they certainly take some getting used to. I have found that I have a little more in common with other big dog owners. There are some things that big dog owners just get

1. Big dog. Big poop.

Poop Bags

2. Big dogs eat… a lot

a lot of dog food

Source (Champion Pet Foods)

3. It's not an earthquake, it's just my dog scratching

Scratching, shaking, running, earthquakes… they all feel the same.

earthquake animated GIF

4. Double-takes... you get used to them

Ellen Selfie

5. And jaw drops

OMG Baby

5. Mmmm.... Slobber


6. Leaning is bad, but we kind of love it too

This may be more of a great dane thing, but when my dog gets tired, or is very affectionate… you had better brace yourself.

 Big dog leaning on owner

7. Cuddling :)

Huge lap dog

Source (mtlblog)

8. Big dogs are self-helpers in the kitchen

Giant dog in kitchen

Source (Oregon Live)

9. ...And in the bathroom

Big dog drinking out of sink

10. Big dogs think they’re human

 Great Dane Sitting in Car

 BONUS Big dogs = Big hearts

Big dogs have big hearts

Source (imgur)