Meet Garth, our Featured Friend rescue pet! 

Description: DSH White & Black (black mask, white tip on black tail)
Gender: Male (neutered)
Born: Spring 2011

Who is Garth?

Garth is far from a typical cat - this little fellow has a personality all his own! The black and white male is three years old now, and was left behind when his former family moved. They abandoned him. But that hasn’t soured Garth on humans. Quite the opposite: he yearns to trust people, and grows close to new humans quickly.

He'll remind you of that with little taps on your arm or a bump with his head. Give him all the attention you can; he won't grow tired of it. Really, this fellow exudes affection and laps it up in return. He learns routines quickly, and will wait for his humans at a window, then greet him at the door when they come in.

Garth makes sure his humans know he likes them, rubbing his nose against their faces to show when he’s missed them during the day, and sleeping at the foot of the bed at night. He enjoys being carried, and will lie upside down in your arms like a baby.

But Garth’s not all about the mushy stuff: he likes action, enjoys larger toys, something that can take a pounding - he will often be found chewing or kicking his toys - and loves being a hunter, pursuing a shoe-string tied to a milk-jug ring. There’s nothing aggressive about him, though; we think he would like to make friends with other cats – though he lives with no other right now - and isn't easily discouraged.

Garth is friendly and playful, intelligent and adaptable. He loves his comfort and his food, but will gladly pack up and travel with you: he spent a Christmas in Calgary, Alberta with his foster-family, and wasn’t bothered a bit by all the comings and goings.

Garth is a wonderful companion-in-waiting for some lucky person, and would do well in a crowded house or just one-on-one.

See Garth

If you want to meet Garth, see him at Homes Alive downtown Lethbridge, AB location, Saturday, June 14th, between 1 and 4 p.m. Or call 403-328-6700 or email, and we will arrange a meeting at your convenience. 

Garth is currently under the care of PAW Society. PAW is based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, and has been arranging the adoption of homeless cats since 2000.  It is a non-profit society in the Province of Alberta and a Registered Canadian Charity. 

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